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DIY stain removalMany of us are in a rush in our daily lives nowadays, so odd spills on the carpet or marks can get overlooked and left for another day. We all tend to have those “under the kitchen sink products” that have been there ages and unfortunately we tend to grab these first, squirt and rub and hope for the best, But really what are you putting on your carpet and what can it unknown damage DIY stain removal cause?

Firstly we must understand that stains and spots are chemically complex. Many stains may have different make ups so treating with a universal spot treatment like vanish and others may just make things worse as there’s honestly no magic spray in a bottle.

Stains can be broken down into various different categories. Heres some examples:

  • Protein based stains – i.e blood, vomit, urine, [...]


Is vacuuming important? YES! Is the correct answer, and it plays an extremely important part in maintaining your carpet, prolonging its life and maintaining a healthy atmosphere in your home.

carpet styles, wool loop

Firstly proper vacuuming is one of the most important parts of maintaining the appearance of your carpet. Many people don’t realize that frequent vacuuming removes dry soil from their carpets and in turn prolongs the life of their carpet. Dry soil grinds against there carpet fibres, damaging them and causing them to dull in appearance, leading to premature wear. Health is also another reason to regularly vacuum. As we spend nearly 90% of our time indoors, indoor air quality is vital. Our carpets act as filters trapping soil, dust and skin particles. As with any filter if its not cleaned regular its benefits are greatly [...]


From our last blog we looked at part 1 carpet fibres and the pro’s and cons of each type of the most commonly used carpet fibres.This time we’ll look at more depth into the carpet types available, and further down the styles in which carpets come. The choice of carpet type and style is a personal preference, but there are some things to watch out for with carpet types, to help you in purchasing you new carpet.

Carpet types

Carpet types an be broken down into tufted and woven:


carpet types, wliton and axminster carpetThese are axminsters and wilton carpets. These carpets are premium carpets, and use high quality materials like wool or a wool mix to produce the fibres. The fibres are woven into a high quality backing made of wefts and warp

Most Axminsters and [...]


carpet fibres, a guide to which carpet to buyChoosing a carpet can become a bit of a headache. Walking into carpet shops and seeing the vast array of samples can sometimes be very daunting. What type of carpet are you planning to buy

What type of  carpet Fibres will you choose?

What style or type will you buy?

What type of finish and thickness will you have?

These are obviously all personal choices when it comes to choosing your carpet but the following information will help you get familiar with carpet fibre types so you can make a more informed and educated decision on choosing your next carpet when it comes to that time.



Before we talk about carpet fibres its important to understand there isn’t just one thickness or density [...]

Eco firendly trainingAt JL carpetcleaning we know its important to keep up to date with training.

The carpet industry moves at a fast pace and its important to stay ahead of things. We use eco-friendly products from a British company based in Cornwall called Solutions. The products themselves are much friendly than traditional detergents and chemicals.

We have recently completed a advanced spot and stain course, regarding the use of bleaches to improve cleaning results. These actions are not part of normal cleaning procedures, this is for when all has failed and is as a last resort to improve the look and appearance for the customer, so to avoid expensive insurance claims for replacement. We are now proud to be solution certified and qualified to clean to British standards PAS86 for carpet cleaning.


By Jared Long




In today’s hard economic times there is an ever increasing demand to save  money, carpet cleaning is no exception. However there are many pitfalls to avoid whilst considering who to use or what to use to clean your carpets.

Cleaning carpets isn’t just as easy as using any generic carpet shampoo or troubleshooting sprayer from under the kitchen sink. Being under the impression that all carpet cleaners are the same and we all use the same chemicals and machines is also far from it. firstly there are many different carpet fibres and many different colour dyes available all requiring different products, some require acidic rinses to leave them in the most stable condition so colours don’t bleed or fade. There are many different carpet backings some sensitive to water and some cannot be cleaned with normal water extraction methods.  Experienced cleaners have invested heavily in products, equipment, training, fibre identification and insurance to be able [...]

telford loyalty card deals

Jl carpetcleaning have teamed up with the Telford Loyalty Card scheme to offer an exclusive discount to card owners.

They currently have over 40,000 people signed up to the card and 200 businesses who are offering an incentive to the card holders to use them. For exclusive discounts for card holders check out the link at the bottom of the page



By Jared Long

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