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Cheap carpet cleaning Telford, the hazards

stretched carpet due to overwetting, due to cheap carpet cleaning

stretched carpet due to over-wetting

In today’s hard economic times there is an ever increasing demand to save  money, carpet cleaning is no exception. However there are many pitfalls to avoid whilst considering who to use or what to use to clean your carpets.

Cleaning carpets isn’t just as easy as using any generic carpet shampoo or troubleshooting sprayer from under the kitchen sink. Being under the impression that all carpet cleaners are the same and we all use the same chemicals and machines is also far from it. firstly there are many different carpet fibres and many different colour dyes available all requiring different products, some require acidic rinses to leave them in the most stable condition so colours don’t bleed or fade. There are many different carpet backings some sensitive to water and some cannot be cleaned with normal water extraction methods.  Experienced cleaners have invested heavily in products, equipment, training, fibre identification and insurance to be able to offer the best service possible and most importantly the best results and ultimately clean your carpets the right way.

Cheap carpet cleaning is a false economy. Some people revert to using some of the examples below to save money:

Cheap hire equipment

Many people believe hiring a machine and running it across your carpets is as simply as that, job done. The simple truth is its not Why….

  • The machines are sometimes not cleaned out thoroughly before being re hired
  • Generic solutions are sold with the machine which my not be right for your carpet
  • Hire machines don’t have the suction power of professional machine, most professional cleaning systems cost thousands, why would cleaners spend this amount if a hire machine did the job just as well for a fraction of the cost? These machines simply cannot pull the dirt from the base of your carpet
  • They leave your carpets soaking which seeps into the backing and underlay causing damage and odour to form.


Cheap carpet cleaning companies

On the other hand there are companies offering cheap carpet cleaning for extremely low prices, which attract a lot of attention. Whilst price is an important factor in deciding, the most important factor is you what the job doing right. Some low cost cleaners can turn up with nothing more than a hire machine. You should ask some important questions….

  • What type of equipment do they use, is it similar to what you could hire?
  • Have they ascertained what carpet fibre their cleaning and changes their methods to suit
  • Do they pre-vacuum
  • Do they have insurance and training
  • Bargain offers on paper, but hiked cost on arrival

INCORRECTLY CLEANED CARPETS WILL END UP COSTING YOU MONEY. many problems can occur from inexperienced cleaning from carpet stretching or rippling. Odour problems due to excess moisture and carpets are not cleaned to a sufficient standard.

So don’t be fooled by cheap carpet cleaning prices. Whilst we may charge more, but check out what we do, at  JL Carpet cleaning take pride in what we do and our reputation. We look to give the very best possible service every time. So next time ask yourself what your really paying for


By Jared Long


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