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Here’s some frequently asked questions (FAQ)


How do you work out your prices?

For carpet cleaning prices are based on the Sq yds / Sq mt of the rooms you want cleaning and how many steps you have. We have minimum charge of £75 for any one area, but for full houses and jobs with more rooms we offer discounts based on how much needs cleaning. Stain removal also starts from £75 for the 1st hour. For upholstery and leather we have a price range per seat. Rugs we have a price range per Sq mt

Do you have insurance?

We are fully insured with £5 million public liability cover and “items worked upon” insurance for added protection

Are you fully trained?

We are full NCCA members, IICRC members & trading standards accredited. We work to the British standards institute PAS86 standard. We are also one of Shropshire’s only IICRC commercial cleaning technician’s. We also regularly update our training.

How often should i have my soft furnishings cleaned?

Most manufacturers recommend the wet extraction method as the best way to clean your carpets and upholstery, this should be done every 12 months to 18 months. Regular vacuuming with an upright cleaner are recommended for between cleans weekly.

I’ve had other companies quote and its cheaper than yours, why is this?

unfortunately not all cleaning companies are the same, simply we all do things differently. We follow strict procedures for every job and as our reputation matters to us and we do our up most to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our prices are based on the workmanship and quality we put into every job and the customer service you receive. We have invested in training, insurances and have some of the most powerful and up to date equipment within Shropshire. There are some companies who don’t bother with any of the above, they are simply as the saying goes “splash and dash” companies. If you have a problem after they’ve ruined your carpets, many wont return back leaving you to pick up the bill. JL carpet cleaning quote only one price (based on the home survey) There are no hidden charges or add on’s.

What about stains?

carpets go through a rough time, so its pretty common to get the odd spot and stain on a carpet. Spots or unknown marks are usually where dirt has been attracted to something stick or residual, these are usually simply to remove. Staining were colour has been added to the carpet can be much harder to remove. Its important to understand that whilst we have removed countless stains before there’s never a guarantee that the stain can be removed. Sometimes removal may cause bleaching of the carpet fibre. We always recommend not using under the sink products on stains as these can “lock in” the stain with permanent effect. Check out our page on DIY stain removal.

My carpet after it was last cleaned become dirty quickly, why?

If you previously had a carpet cleaned, either using hire equipment or using another company and it has become dirty much quicker than expected this is down to residues from cleaning detergents being left in the carpet. The residues from cleaning weren’t rinsed out of the carpet thus attracting dirt. For more information on this check out our page on DIY carpet cleaning.  JL carpet cleaning use free rinsing Eco friendly products, these break the bond between dirt and fibre allowing them to be rinsed away with water, leaving your carpet healthy, fresh and most importantly dirt free

What areas do you cover?

We offer our services to areas covering Telford & Wrekin, Shrewsbury and other surrounding areas in Shropshire.

Quoting over the phone?

Though we appreciate you may need a quote over the phone, for comparison etc. It is very hard for us to give prices over the phone so please don’t be offended. It is sometimes possible to give you an estimate based on your room sizes. We prefer to come and give you a free home survey/quotation. As you’d appreciate all houses are different, some rooms may have heavy soiling, some light. therefore our pricing reflects the work required to clean your carpets to the best of our abilities

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

3 Areas for £99.00

JL Carpet Cleaning is offering 3 areas cleaned for just £99. It’s the same great service as normal using eco-friendly products and our latest equipment. * Please check below to make sure this package suits your requirements, if it doesn’t then please don’t hesitate to call us and we’ll do our best to make it work for you.

We ask that rooms to be cleaned are cleared of the furniture that you want us to clean under. We’ll happily move sofas around if needed though.

  • Lounge/diners | Hall & stairs | Stairs & landings are classed as 2 areas
  • Average max room size is 13ft x 12ft or 17sq yds. Don’t worry if your rooms are bigger please call us for an individual price
  • Some carpet types like Axminsters and Wilton carpets require extra processes to clean. These carpet types aren’t included
  • Domestic customers only
  • Local work only and one offer only per customer per visit applies
  • Please mention this offer when calling

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15% Off Carpet Cleaning

For people moving out, moving in and needing end of tenancy cleaning, we are offering our best end of tenancy cleaning offer. This deal applies ONLY If your house is unfurnished and completely clear. If so we can offer you upto 15% off our normal prices. Also you’ll receive our same great service and cleaning techniques as well.

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DIY Carpet Cleaning – The Hazards

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DIY cleaning machines

What can happen using hire machines and household carpet cleaners on your carpets…

DIY carpet cleaning is an idea you may have had before. Why not you say after all the many adverts around offering professional machines at cheap prices or low hire prices with great results. “GREAT” you say, professional results and I’m saving money too!

Well after getting your machine home and spending all day emptying, filling it up and slogging away, you step back at the end to look at the amazing results, right? The honest answer is probably not. So after a long days slog, why are the results not what I expected well…..and ignore this at your peril.

The machinery

Household cleaners and hire machines are small and that’s so that they can be easily lifted, stored away and moved around, being small also means their limited on power, but hold on hear “aren’t all cleaning machines the same?” Yes, but there’s a MASSIVE difference between machines, all giving different results.

Basically the bigger the machine, the heavier it gets due to bigger vacuums and pumps. As power increases the machines get bigger. The more VACUUM and PRESSURE you have the carpets will be cleaner, brighter and drier.

So, in essence, you need to try and ignore all the amazing sales literature that come with these machines and realise that it essentially impossible to achieve the same results as the machines used by professional cleaners or else why would we not use them? Some cleaning companies (not all, unfortunately) invest heavily in the latest highest spec equipment available. This is for one purpose only, to give their customers the best possible cleaning experience.

Carpet Cleaning Van
5 stars

One of the most 5 star reviewed cleaning companies in Shropshire!

We don’t use fake testimonials or made up reviews. These below are purely our customer’s thoughts on what we did for them. Click away and take a look….

So what are the dangers of DIY carpet cleaning….?

1. Poor cleaning. The results may look acceptable but this is only cosmetic and deep down little has changed due to lack of power

2. Cross-contamination. Hire machines tend not to be sanitized between customers, therefore there’s the potential for bacteria to spread from carpet to carpet. Do you know what other customers have used the machine to clean up?

3. Damp carpets, sometimes for days, causing bad odour’s

4. Mold build-up, due to incorrect cleaning attempts

5.Carpet delamination. Basically when the carpet comes away from the backing. This is due to over wetting and can lead to bad odours from the latex breaking down. If delamination occurs its potentially the end of the carpet!

6.Browning discolouration. This is caused by over-wetting when moisture has penetrated carpets with a jute backing. The natural colour of the jute is released over the drying period causing potential wick back to the surface.

7. Shrinkage or Stretching. Caused by excessive moisture. Shrinkage occurs due to over wetting. Jute back carpets aren’t resistance to water and if water penetrates the backing, it can cause the weft and warp to pull on itself detaching from around the room. Stretching or rippling can occur from the cleaning solution being too hot.

8. Rapid re-soiling. Caused by high ph detergents leaving behind residues due to poor rinsing.

Though this article is not to scare you. We have visited many properties were hire or household equipment has been used and has damaged the carpets to the extent they need complete replacement. So the idea of saving a few pounds, in the long run, has the potential to cost even more in the long run.

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