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Is Vacuuming important?


Is vacuuming important? YES! Is the correct answer, and it plays an extremely important part in maintaining your carpet, prolonging its life and maintaining a healthy atmosphere in your home.

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Firstly proper vacuuming is one of the most important parts of maintaining the appearance of your carpet. Many people don’t realize that frequent vacuuming removes dry soil from their carpets and in turn prolongs the life of their carpet. Dry soil grinds against there carpet fibres, damaging them and causing them to dull in appearance, leading to premature wear. Health is also another reason to regularly vacuum. As we spend nearly 90% of our time indoors, indoor air quality is vital. Our carpets act as filters trapping soil, dust and skin particles. As with any filter if its not cleaned regular its benefits are greatly reduced.

Whilst frequent vacuuming is one of the most important factors to maintaining air quality in your home, it also enhances the appearance of the carpet. Vacuuming dry soil up is not the only benefit. With a vacuum cleaner with a brush/beater bar it is also grooms the carpet. Grooming by the use of a brush bar lifts and separates carpet fibres, brushing to the base.

pile wearHigh traffic areas i.e. a lounge or a hallway, turn points around beds and on landings need more vacuuming as high foot fall flattens fibres, and unravels the fibres. The picture shows the light grey walkway between the two doors which has now flattened, the darker grey is where the fibres are still stood up from not being walked upon. Pile flattening and these traffic areas isn’t a manufacturing defect, but is a sign of not vacuuming often enough in these areas. Many home owners ignore this visual warning. They are most likely continue to walk on those areas which have not been properly vacuumed which will lead to irreversible wear which leads to premature replacement

From a consumers point of view regular vacuuming is essential in preserving the life and appearance of their carpet. Vacuuming should not be rushed and long slow methodical strokes with multiple overlapping passes are recommended to extract as much dry soil as possible. A crevice tool should be used around the edges to remove dust trapped against the skirting; this will in turn reduce the black filtration marks found around the base of some skirting

A good quality upright cleaner with a beater/brush bar is recommended. I personally recommend bagged vacuum cleaners, as an enclosed dust bag can prevent dust particles from recirculating into the air. Also I feel tub vacuums don’t offer the level of dry soil extraction as compared to a vacuum with a beater/brush bar. Vacuuming should be undertaken at least once a week, though obviously if you have high foot traffic then there would be a need to vacuum more. In general its best to:
high-traffic or pet areas – vacuum every day
medium-traffic areas – vacuum twice a week
light-traffic areas – Vacuum once a week
If you plan on having your carpets professionally cleaned then dry soil removal is the most important first step to effective carpet cleaning. NOTICE: If any carpet cleaner ever visits your home and does not begin with thorough pre-vacuuming, it is time to ask them to stop and it is time for you to call another carpet professional.

vacuumingJL carpetcleaning pre vacuum all carpets before cleaning them, this is done with our commercial Sebo and Kirby vacuum cleaners all with HEPA filters. A properly cleaned carpet will look better and last longer and in the end save you money.


by Jared long

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