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We get asked a lot why we charge more than other companies. What do we do different to others that makes us stand apart? Well apart from continuously updating our training, offering 5 star service and unbelievable results we follow our 7 point procedure for each clean for every customer. So no matter whether your having a small lounge doing to a large domestic property we treat all customers the same. Maybe this is what stands us apart.

Here’s our 7 point procedure

. Pre-survey to check for fibre identification, fitting, staining and soiling and any other requirements before work is carried out. (upholstery and leather may require further tests in determining suitability for cleaning)

2. Pre-vacuum the carpet with a commercial upright cleaner to remove dry soiling.

3. Treat any stains that need attention, then pre spray the carpet with the appropriate cleaning solution

4. Mechanically agitate the pre spray deep down into the carpet, this breaks [...]

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